Cheryl Chesnut’s  Children Art Camps 2010


CAMP #1: “Putting the Figure into Your Watercolor Painting.”

DATE:  July 5 –9,  Monday to Friday

10 a.m. to 1 p.m.



         Spreading Tree Studio, (studio in my home)                 

         8440 ELMORE ROAD (The old Abbott Loop Road),  Anchorage.

         p.s.  I have a red mailbox  and a big stone in my driveway


Max. # of Students:  8, ages 8 to 16 (if you child is of another age, give me a call)

Price:                  $120, includes all materials and snacks 

                  (you need a $50 down payment to hold your spot)

                        completed registration and medical release forms

CAMP #2:           "PAINTING A MURAL  2010"

DATE:                 Wednesday, July 14, 10 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., 

                             Thursday,     July 15,  10 a.m. to 2 p.m or later.                                       We will work until the mural is finished!

LOCATION:       8440 ELMORE ROAD (The old Abbott Loop Road),  Anchorage.

         p.s.  I have a red mailbox  and a big stone in my driveway

Max. # of Students: 15,    ages 8 to 16 (if you child is of another age, give me a call)

PRICE:         $60 (includes all materials and snacks)               

  (you need a $20 down payment to hold your spot)

            completed registration and medical release forms

            wear old clothing that can get paint splattered  and appropriate  clothing to be outside.

            Bring lunch for day #2.


We will paint, for the second year the art mural.  The students from last year will have first choice.  For those who didn’t paint the mural last year, I can put you on a wait list.  I should know fairly quickly how many repeat students I will have.

   The other art camp will be a watercolor class “Putting the Figure into Your  Painting.”  I have found students are often afraid of painting the human figure, so I decided to have this class.  It is NOT a portrait class, it will not be a close-up rendition of the human figure.  It is more about including the human form into a landscape style painting.  I will give some basic principles of the human shape.

 For both classes: As usual, my teaching will include principles and elements of art and design.  I am a big believer in teaching children "art" and not just crafts. I just love art and find it so exciting and wonderful.  It adds so much to our everyday lives and to our culture.  I include that joy into my teaching.

I believe all children (adults, too!) have artistic ability.  So, I don't really care how much art they have done but I do feel it is important they want to do it. Even the youngest can understand some of the basics and learn how to incorporate design into their art teaching.  For those students who are returning, I will adapt my teaching to add more principles and elements of design to what I have already taught them. 


The mural is located on my land, facing Elmore Road where it brings joy and art  to all who drive, run, bike or walk by.   It is a permanent installation and annually, students will repaint a new mural.  It is a way we can provide art for our community and a place where the proud students can see and show off their work.  It is 20 ft long and 5 ft. high.  I will teach using watercolors  and use acrylic paints for the mural.

 Design is very important in painting murals.  To paint the mural, the students will have to paint BIG, which gives a wonderful expression of movement and will keep them from painting "too tight." I'll teach mural design on day #1, allowing them to do some design sketches, and then they will do a quick painted sketch of their mural subject.  Day #2 they will  paint the mural.

 I will need 2 adult volunteers to help out!  PLEASE CALL ME if you can help.

 Fill in the below registration and medical release forms and send them back to me via email or regular mail.  Be sure to include the $20 to hold your spot.

 I look forward to seeing all of you and I think we will create, again, a fantastic art mural and have fun doing it!!!


The students will understand the design and composition of a mural design and will have completed their portion of the mural.  They will learn how to work together to complete a coherent,t whole, exciting mural.  And have fun doing it!

“Putting the Figure into Your Watercolor Painting"

This is a small class (max. 8 students) and will be in my studio.  As stated above, design and composition will be important and taught.  I will also teach how to paint with watercolors (for those who already have used this medium I will teach them some advanced techniques).  I will begin the class with a “loosening up” technique. I’ll teach the basics of sketching and painting the human figure.  The idea is to include the human figure into a painting, where the figure isn’t necessarily the most important element.  Students are often afraid to include figures into their drawings or paintings, and I want to help bridge them over this gap. I use only professional or art student grade materials


By the end of the week, my goal is that they will feel more confident in watercolor painting, will know more design concepts (and use them in their paintings!), will be able to put figures into their drawings/paintings and will have 5 completed paintings.

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8440 Elmore Rd

Anchorage,  AK  99507



Cheryl Chesnut, Spreading Tree Studio


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In the event of an emergency, I will make every reasonable effort to contact you first.    Your child’s safety will be my priority, so I might not be able to contact you until your child is already under the care of medical personnel.

Please complete, sign your name, and either email or bring the medical release form with you on the camp's first day.

Thank you,

Cheryl Chesnut